Sunday, 25 January 2009

Ebook Software from Microsoft

Ebook Software

Microsoft Reader

Minutes to get familiar with

35 minutes (about 5 minutes to download Reader)

Ages suitable for

Any but most suitable for Y5-Y9

Key Features

  • Reading and reviewing eBooks comes as standard with Reader.
  • You need Word to create the eBooks – once the software is downloaded you get an icon from that appears in Word menu bar. Click this to view your eBook.
  • You can add annotations, questions, images and a dictionary too.
  • Children need Reader installed to be able to read eBooks.

Health Warnings

  • You need a few goes with the formatting to get it right in Reader and every time you change the text size pages can move. Its best to create a template that works (in Word) and ask children to use that.
  • Text to speech ends up with a computerised voice which isn’t so nice.
  • It is easy to add weblinks but make sure you are on an internet connected computer.

How to introduce

  • Download Reader and put onto class computers and also in ICT suite.
  • Open Reader and view a professionally produced eBook (see or
  • Show the class how to read the book, search the book, view annotations and answers and make their own annotations.
  • Now with Reader installed pairs of children can create their own eBook in Word and converting into an eBook by clicking the icon.
  • They can amend and correct in Word and re-convert as many times as they like.

Quick Activities (skills)

1) Planning and Preparing : Using a Word document is a great way to plan and prepare to create an eBook. Children should create chapters first and then build text and images under each chapter heading.

2) Adding annotations: Children should be encouraged to feedback on eBooks by leaving annotations. Encourage children to respond to each annotation quickly and let the person giving feedback how they helped!

Longer Activities (capability)

Creating an eBook about a school even can be a whole class activity. Each group can write a particular chapter and the whole project can end up on the school website.

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