Sunday, 20 September 2009

Simple (FREE) Podcasting Software

Web Addresses

What you need

Audacity, Lame, a computer with microphone, speakers

Time to get to know software

About 45 minutes including 5 minutes to download software

Suitable Ages

Ages 7-14

Whole Class or Groups?

Probably works best in groups.

Key Features

  • Red button – RECORD!
  • Export as mp3 – sends you to LAME for conversion to mp3 – so you can podcast/email
  • Change volume – on each track so you can turn down music and turn up voice.
  • Help Menu – this has a simple guide to using Audacity and explains all the buttons.
  • Health Warnings
  • There are a lot of technical elements which are best left alone if you aren’t familiar with recording software.
  • This doesn’t create video podcasts but see PICASA page for how to use mp3 files to create videos!
  • Unless you convert through LAME then anyone you email the file to must have Audacity.

Introducing to your class

  • Download Audacity to your class computer and connect a microphone.
  • Open Audacity and explain that the class is going to complete a podcast.
  • Show the class the record button (red one) and record some sound – can be just class singing happy birthday.
  • Once recorded show the class how to increase or decrease the volume on that track.
  • Show them how to import an mp3 file to play music or other sounds over the happy birthday track.
  • Finally show the class how to export the podcast to an mp3 file for emailing or putting onto i-tunes.

Quick Activities

  1. Scripting and Recording : Working in pairs, ask children to create a script they can use to create a podcast – this could be jokes, revision questions, an interview. Ask them to record the script using both voices.
  2. Editing a Sound File: Using their sound file ask children to cut some sound (using the cursor tool and shift to select, then delete), import an mp3 file (make sure there are some on the computer) and change the volume of a track.

Longer Activity

See Germination Podcast for Year 5 Science

Where to go for more help